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    Intel DX58SO BIOS settings for SAS expansion card




      My friend as just bought a DX58SO card and a Adaptec RAID 3805 card.


      Note: There is no problem to get in to the  Adaptec cards BIOS during boot.


      First we tried to plug in the DVD and 2 SAS discsin to the Adaptec card. However we could not boot the Windows 7 install DVD this way (even if we made the DVD bootabel in the Adaptec crads BIOS). After that we moved the DVD to the Intel mother board and booted. This time the DVD booted the Windows 7 install disc and we coud start the install process. However when we arrived at the patition part of the install process we could not find any hard discs. We do not think this is a driver issue because theAdaptec RAID 3805 cards driver is included in the Windows 7 install disc.


      To us it looks like the BIOS know of the Adaptec card but it does not use it.


      Are there any BIOS settings that should be set?