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    mouse issue when using onboard intel HD 4400 for 3rd display


      Just installed a 1gb GeForce210 pci-e16x graphics card and I'm using the on-board vga for a 3rd screen (all 3 set in in a line) but I have found that when I move my mouse from the on-board screen to the middle screen it leaves a copy of the mouse icon behind so I then have my main mouse icon than moves as it should but a static image of a mouse icon left where ever I came off the left screen! it even changes depending on what I'm doing (busy circle icon or egg timer etc.)


      I can get it to disappear if I drag a window around on the middle or right screen but after that if I go back to the left screen it does it, oddly when you get the windows loading screen or logon screen the issue is not there, ive moved the 3rd screen position to above the middle screen and below or even to the right hand side monitor and it does it no matter where I leave it.