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    HDMI problem with NUC6i5


      I'm having an HDMI problem with my NUC6i5.  Actually the HDMI video works fine, but I have an HDMI switch that allows me to change HDMI input, for example, from another computer or an Amazon Firestick, etc. 

      Other computers and the Firestick work fine, they switch back and forth without any problems.  However, with the NUC6i5, if I switch away from it and later try to revert to it I can never get it back.

      This means, essentially, that, unlike other computers, if I want to switch away from the NUC I have to shut it down first, and reboot when I switch back. It's workable but  a nuisance.  Also, it shouldn't be necessary as the switching works fine with other computers.  I am running the same Manjaro Linux on the other computer as on the NUC.

      Thanks for any help here.