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    How to tranfer Windows 10 system from 5i3 to 6i3


      I have a fullblown Windows 10 system installation on 5i3 with a Samsung 850 Pro SSD drive as the system drive. No I want to upgrade the hardware to an NUC6i3SYH with an Samsung SM951 NVME M.2 SSM as a system drive. And, most importantly, not via a new clean install, but a total system transfer.

      How can I do it? Is a backup and restore to differrent hardware the best way, for instance with Acronis 2016 Universal Restore. Or can i simply clone the System from SSD to M.2 and get new drivers afterwards, for instance with Macrium Reflect 6?


      I probably will loose my activation. Can I simply reactivate the hopefully then running old/new Windoes with a freshly bought Windows 7 Pro 64bit key?

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          It worked!

          I did a simple clone job with Macrium Reflect 6 (which had no problem with my 4k Display, O&O for instance still does not work correctly) from an USB 3.0 hard drive dock to the NVMe device. And it worked as hoped for: As a starter I flashed the BIOS to the latest version from Intel. Then in the flawlessly booting restored Windows 10 I then had to update the drivers, most importantly the LAN driver. (I had downloaded them all from the Intel site before as I have learned with recent NUC installs that their update utility is a pain in the ***.)

          And finally I had to reactivate Windows. For this I had bought another very cheap Windows 7 Pro 64bit key on ebay (7 Euros!). After some 30 seconds everything was back to normal. But not that overhelmingly faster than with the "old" Samsung SSD, that I had hoped for.

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            Hello, MiniMax:


            Thank you for sharing your outcome with the community, I am glad to hear that you were able to resolve your issue.