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    Intel Graphics 5500 Screen Glitch


      I have an ASUS X555LB Notebook with a Intel i7-5500U and a NVIDIA GeForce 940m running Windows 10 (64 bits), three days ago while watching a movie from the internet the screen suddenly glitched.

      Captura de pantalla (2).png

      Captura de pantalla (3).png

      I reinstalled the OS thinking it would fix it, tried installing:


      Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bits) and didn't do better

      Captura de pantalla de 2016-07-03 17-00-52.png


      also Elementary OS Freya (64 bits) and this time the glitch changed from displaying shapes to skipping some letters on the text

      Captura de pantalla de 2009-01-01 00_52_05.png

      , with Kali Linux Sana I didn't have any problem with the graphics, but they were slow.


      After trying all those operative systems I installed Windows 10 (64 bits) and downloaded all drivers available for the integrated graphics, tried them one by one, but none of them worked. I disabled the Intel Graphics 5500 driver, so Windows would load its default driver, I don't have any problem with that driver, but it keeps me from using wireless projection and using the graphics card.


      Here is the full information of my Notebook from CPU-Z: https://codepen.io/kopirat/full/ZOydba/

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          Hi kopirat,
          In regards to your video issue let me tell you about the technology embedded on your system. Your laptop has Hybrid graphics, it means Intel and Nvidia graphics are enable always.
          Now, in regards to Linux OS issues, well there are no drivers available; each Linux flavor provides their drivers.
          Windows 10, the best drivers are provided with the laptop manufacturer, they customize our drivers.
          I suggest you to update the BIOS and chipset driver of your PC.
          You can try our latest Beta graphics driver version 4474.
          Manual Installation:
          1-Download the zip file of the driver from downloadcenter, unzip and keep file in the desktop.
          2-Turn Internet connection off
          3-Go to device manager>Display Adapter, right click Intel HD graphics and select uninstall driver (check delete box)
          4-Restart the computer
          5-Go to device manager>Display Adapter, right click over Microsoft generic driver select Update driver, browse search for graphics folder at desktop (step 1)
          6-Restart system and review graphics driver version installed from device manager or Graphics control Panel.
          Mike C

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