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    Intel HD 3000 Graphics - Maintain Display Scaling Doesn't Work Properly


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      I'm trying to play CSGO (Note: not CS only issue, the issue is there with every single program and even with desktop when using 4:3 resolution) with black bars (no stretching). When I select maintain display scaling, it doesn't actually properly maintain the scaling. The resolution doesn't feel as if it was 4:3, but as if it was 5:4 (Well, not quite). The image is stretched a bit upwards and is narrower on the sides than it should be. I can tell that from the fact that the games I run have upwardly stretched huds and the games feel weird aswell. Also like 1-2 millimeters of screen is actually missing from the bottom and top when using 4:3 resolution. I'm using the latest drivers HP has provided. I was wondering if there's like any registry keys I could edit or something like that, since the issue is quite a bit annoying.


      EDIT: I've tried reinstalling the drivers quite a few times. I didn't have this issue with Windows 10 (Using Win7 right now). I tried using 1024x768 and I selected "Center Image". Everything is properly scaled when using that option, but the thing is that I don't use 1024x768 since my laptop isn't that powerful. I want as many frames as possible, so I use 640x480 or 800x600 instead.