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    No Thunderbolt device in device manager - NUC6i7KYK Windows 10


      Hello there


      The goal here is to setup Thunderbolt networking. On my Dell 9250 I've installed the OS from scratch. On that laptop I can look at the thunderbolt settings and it shows me the controller version I have and the 2 end points. And Thunderbolt is listed in device manager as well.

      However on the skulltrail the trail to thunderbolt has gone cold. No controller is listed and no end points... this is doing all the flaffing around below:


      Driver download.

      Drivers & Software

      I've installed all the other drivers from here. Chipset, LAN, Display and so on... looking good so far.

      However when you click the Thunderbolt driver

      Drivers & Software


      It just takes you to their default download page.... I think a 404 would be better at this stage.. at least there is some honesty in that.

      Drivers & Software


      Anyways I download the Driver update utility.. run it.. and voila.. It lists thunderbolt 3 as a download. I download it and hit install... which it of course errors out.

      I extract the file manually and install it. Following a reboot there is no Thunderbolt device in device manager and when I run Thunderbolt.exe I can see the app is much older than the Dell one.


      I then install the much newer Dell driver from the dell web site. Following a reboot I still don't see anything in device manager.. and the Thunderbolt utility doesn't list any controllers.


      Any thoughts ?


      I flashed the BIOS to the latest that's on the above link. And Thunderbolt is enabled in the BIOS. The USB3 part of it works as I've connect USB-c devices to it fine.


      Thank you

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