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    Delayed audio playback


      I have a NUC5i7RYH NUC the I just upgraded to a fresh install of Windows 10. The NUC is connected to a Dell UP3216Q 4K monitor via DP. The pair have always been a bit flaky together but workable. When the NUC was initially built it was running Windows 7 Pro and all was well. At some point during driver or OS updates I started to notice a delay in audio playback of 2-3 seconds. The delay is independent of source and is present in the audio test portion of the sound driver. I was never able to resolve the issue but thought it would get resolved when I upgraded to Windows 10. Well it did not. I upgraded my M.2 SSD to a 1TB model and installed a clean Windows 7 Pro followed immediately by a Windows 10 Pro upgrade so I could get 10 for free. Installed all of the latest Windows 7/10 drivers and BIOS updates with the install. No luck. The delay is still present. The delay is so long that the stereo playback test in the sound driver only plays the last portion of the test in the right speaker. The test is only about 4 seconds long and my playback starts at 3 seconds in. I am routing playback through my Dell UP3216q 4K monitor to the analog out of the monitor to my desktop speakers. Is anyone else running into this problem or have this combination of NUC and monitor? Thanks.