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    Ubilinux run ROS launch file on startup




      I met problems in setting my "edison+ubilinux" to launch a ROS launch file on startup.


      I write a "startup.sh" script as follow,



      . /home/tmac/.bashrc

      . /home/tmac/.profile



      export ROS_IP=

      source ~/pixfcu_ws/devel/setup.bash

      roslaunch pixfcu fcu.launch



      echo "fcu.sh CHECK!" >> ~/test.sh

      If I run it via,

      . ~/startup.sh

      It working totally fine and my ROS nodes are launched.


      Then, I tried to launch this file via "/etc/rc.local" or "/etc/init.d/". The last command,

      echo "fcu.sh CHECK!" >> ~/test.sh

      it is executed. But, all other commands are not executed at all.

      Either I put the startup.sh in "rc.local" or "/etc/init.d/", none of them are executed.


      I just want to auto-run my ROS script at startup.

      Any advice appreciated !