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    Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 Speeds Slow


      I am currently in the process of troubleshooting my wifi connection because I am receiving a 2Mbps down speedtest with 85-100% connectivity and it showing a capable 200-300Mbps connection. (Wired 200Mbps.)


      After hours of troubleshooting the closest I can come to a solution is one where I disabled 802.11n Mode under the adapters advanced tab (this gives me a 14-15Mbps down speedtest, but I refuse to compromise for a G connection and drag down the rest of my network because of this adapter.


      I have installed the most up to date drivers. Using WPA2. Using my phone's wifi and doing a speedtest I get around 150Mbps. I've tried forcing different channels, 20Mhz, etc. Pretty much any sort of "solution" I could find online.


      Any help would be appreciated. I just can't fathom why a G connection would be getting 7-8x as much down speed.


      Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]

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      There is 1 interface on the system:



          Name                   : Wi-Fi

          Description            : Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230

          GUID                   : debee585-074c-4bc7-a2fe-1d41f4319eed

          Physical address       : 60:6c:66:3b:89:4a

          State                  : connected

          Network type           : Infrastructure

          Radio type             : 802.11n

          Authentication         : WPA2-Personal

          Cipher                 : CCMP

          Connection mode        : Auto Connect

          Channel                : 6

          Receive rate (Mbps)    : 300

          Transmit rate (Mbps)   : 300

          Signal                 : 87%



          Hosted network status  : Not started