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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IAStorDataMgrSvc) missing DriverSim.dll


      First of all I would like to know If there is any updated software for Intel Rapid Storage Technology, because on the official download site I can see only driver files no exe/installer/service.


      On my pc I have installed Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology with date set for 2014. But from this what I found IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe try to load missing DriverSim.dll. There are 2 problems with it:

      1. IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe try to load this dll in loop (In Process Monitor I can see thousands of failed probes with this dll).

      2. DriverSim.dll is resolved by all directories placed in PATH variable by what it creates security issue as long it is running as LocalSystem user! What can be used as privilege escalation.


      Tested on Windows 10 x64.