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    Wi-Fi Error: The default gateway is not available


      My device keeps dropping connection at seemingly random intervals. Running BIOS 0024, installed Win 10 Home 32-bit on STK1A32SC.

      Drivers tried:

      17.15 (default win driver),

      18.33 (obtained through Windows Driver Update),

      18.40 (had to install Intel ProSet package and manually update from driver in Device Manager)

      I also tried reinstalling Windows without success.


      Windows Network Diagnostics reset the device to resolve but it can drop the gateway again at random intervals, sometimes minutes someitmes hours later. Alsonetwork troubleshooting report displayed driver information as: Version in C:\Windows\INF\netwbn02.inf  

      I manually replaced the netwbn02.inf file from the WI-FI ProSet driver package dated 2016-1-29, same error occurred.


      My temporary workaround is to use my old Linksys WUSB600N.


      I have not been able to successfully submit a ticket on your Customer Care Portal for the last 3 days so I am resorting to this forum.