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    What is the DB9 pin layout for RS485 full duplex mode on DK 300


      DK 300 support supports  RS-422/485 4wires full duplex by BOM option. This information is available in dk300 data sheet .



      The DB9 pin out is as follows




      RS-422/485 4-wire

      RS-485 2-Wire

      1DCD = InputCTS-- = InputNot Used
      2RXD = InputRXD+ = InputRXD+ or Not Used
      3TXD = OutputTXD+ = OutputDAT+ (often B)
      4DTR = OutputRTS-- = OutputNot Used
      5GND, SignalGND, SignalGND, Signal
      6DSR = InputRXD-- = InputRXD-- or Not Used
      7RTS = OutputRTS+ = OutputNot Used
      8CTS = InputCTS+ = InputNot Used
      9Not UsedTXD-- = OutputDAT-- (often A)

      Please refer the link for more information.