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    5i3RYH and Mint install with UEFI



      My problem is that yesterday I tried to install Linux Mint in UEFI on my NUC and an error occurred during the install with grub2.

      I have the NUC 5i3RYH with last bios installed and a SSD intel 530 180GB and there is Linux mint on it in legacy boot with a partition / , a partition swap and a partition /home.

      Actually the NUC is still with Mint in legacy boot and work greats.


      When i tried to install Mint in UEFI, I booted in USB in UEFI and arrived in live session, I launched the install with keeping the swap and the /home but during the install a window opened saying that grub2 had an error by copying a file in the grub partition or something like that.

      I tried two times with secure boot on and off, and fast boot off but still the same.