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    processor graphics ratio limit resets itself after half an hour


      the normal ratio limit is 10.5x (1050mhz)

      i underclock it down to 9.0x (900mhz) to stop the throttling on cpu part.

      but after around half an hour later, current limit throttling happens.

      ofcourse since i also lowered the processor current limit down to 32.875A instead of default 40A, the gpu stays at 900mhz as shown in the image below,

      but if it was 40A, it would burst up to 1000mhz or 1050mhz.

      basically it shows the same effect as having the ratio limit at 10.5x after half an hour later....


      cpu and cache is set to be always 2.7ghz(disabled turboboost)

      there is no temperature or power throttling. so thats not the problem...

      the gpu is iris6100.

      xtu software version is believe its the latest)

      and also my setting:

      this effect still happens on balanced mode. maximum performance seems to stay longer, and then start doing this effect.


      is there a way to fix this?

      or is this a gpu driver or a xtu software bug?