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    Intel X550-T2 Card not compatible to HP 1950-24G-2SFP+-2XGT-PoE+ Switch


      Hi,i have the following issue. i am using a workstation equipped with Intel X550-T2 card and connected both 10Gbase-T ports with a cat7 cable to switch-port 27/28. switch-port 27/28 are also 10Gbase-T capable.

      only one port on the intel card will connect at full speed (10Gbps). the second port will run with 1Gbps. I tried these things:

      - build up a lan-team on workstation-side in windows server 2012

      - forced card- and switch-ports to 10Gbase

      - build a aggregation with both switch-ports

      nothing really helped. is there a compatibility problem between card and switch ?

      i tried also to active and deactivate stp. i dont understand why only one port run with full speed.

      i got a supermicro-mainboard based server in my office as well, two intel x550 onboard ports and the same problem occur. one port is at full speed the second port is at 100Mbps.

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