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    Overheating i3-2310M




      Never any overheating problems before so I'm looking for tips,

      I am using the laptop Dell Latitude E6320-i3, and I guess the CPU is close to shut down due to the overheat.

      When I'm playing, the CPU heat can reach 93°C.

      OS is w10 x64


      What would be the best solution to lower the max temperature?


      Thank you for your answers, and sorry if there's not enough infos in my thread..



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          Intel Corporation
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          Please bear in mind that you have a laptop computer, they processor was designed to work at high temperatures. Since this is a laptop the processor can go up to 100C. 
          I would recommend the following information about heat issues:


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            Your laptop is an older model, the CPU and this model from Dell were introduced in 2011.


            I mention this only to ask, when is the last time it has been cleaned?


            Specifically, the air intake and exhaust slots on the bottom and/or sides of the case, are likely partially blocked with dust build up. The small internal fan on the CPU cooler, which you should clearly hear spinning when the CPU reaches 93C (or less, much less), become covered in dust and dirt, which reduces the cooling capability a great deal.


            A can of compressed gas sold at PC and other stores can be used to blow out the dust build up.That is really a standard maintenance procedure for laptops.


            Are you sure the cooling fan is working?


            Another problem is putting a laptop... on your lap. Seriously, a non-flat surface that is soft blocks the air intake and exhaust slots. Yes, everyone puts them on their laps, couches, chairs, pillows, beds, etc. Yes, everyone is doing it wrong. Their laptops run very hot too, they just aren't aware of it.

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              Good input, thank you for your feedback.