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    Can I replace one of the two HDDs in RAID1 with another one? (Western Digital WD5000AZLX instead of WD5000AAKX)


      Hi, I need to replace a faulty HDD in a RAID 1 configuration with N.2 HDD Western Digital WD5000AAKX.


      Ca I use a Western Digital model WD5000AZLX ? Here I try to summarize the differences :


      Specifications:                                                   500 GB                  500 GB

      Model number:                                                 WD5000AZLX     WD5000AAKS



      Data transfer rate (max)                         

              Buffer to host                                            6 Gb/s                   3 Gb/s

              Host to/from drive (sustained)               150 MB/s             126 MB/s


      Average power requirements (W)

          Read/Write                                                    6.8                          5.4

          Idle                                                                  6.1                          4.9

          Standby                                                          1.2                          0.7

          Sleep                                                               1.2                          0.7


      Thanks in advance for your support!