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    DG45FC and HDMI Problems


      I have a problem with this board and I thought this would be the best place to check my sanity:

      I recently built an HTPC with this board for the purpose of using Windows Media Centre (under Windows 7 64 bit) to record TV, watch DVDs, etc. while attached to a 42 inch LCD TV (LG). My preferred method of hook-up to the TV is of course via HDMI, but here is the problem:

      When I switch off the TV or change inputs, Windows Media Centre (and Windows Media player) freezes and crashes (when I return to the HTPC input it is frozen). No other programs seem to be frozen and the said programs will not restart unless I restart the PC.

      Now here’s the strange part: none of this happens when the HTPC is attached via the RGB input to the LCD (i.e. DVI->VGA->LCD TV) and an audio cable.

      I tried numerous tests (switching HDMI cables, switching HDMI ports (there are 4 on the LCD), switching the HDMI input setting on the TV from “PC”, etc.) and the best I can narrow down this has something to do with the latest Intel video drivers ( The Tuner card has the latest drivers and I have never had problems that I can directly link to it (i.e. live TV never freezes, records TV just find – sometimes in the middle of a Windows Media Centre crash!). Bios is the most current (0117)

      Has anyone had similar problems with the latest Win 7 64 bit video drivers?

      Has anyone tried connection of this board via DVI (i.e. a DVI to HDMI adapter) to an LCD HDMI input?

      What’s the best way to alert Intel of this so they can update their Drivers? (unless someone out there has a suggestion for what it might be other than the driver?)

      This is my fourth PC build and it has to be the strangest problem that I’ve ever encountered…I like it better when it’s an obvious hardware failure and you catch it with diagnostics!

      Thanks for any input.