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    I7-6700K Event 35 Kernal Process Power issue




      I7-6700K cpu oc'd to 4.6ghz

      GTX 980ti Lightning le edition

      500gb Samsung SSD

      1tb WD blue

      MSI M7 mobo

      16gb DDR4 3200

      1000w psu



      Iv'e gotten the Event 35 error several times while loading the 3DMark tests and while in loading screens for several games (Arma 3, Rust, ect.) This is what it has been showing up asScreenshot (2).png

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Justin:
          We will be more than glad to assist you with the Kernel problem.
          This type of error is normally related to Windows® itself.
          Which is the Windows® version the PC is using?
          Was it working fine before?
          Have you tried a BIOS update?
          Have you try to restore the BIOS to defaults?
          Did you check with Microsoft about this kind of problem?
          Did you try to install the latest version for all the divers of the board?
          Since the problem is related to 3DMark and games, it is important to have the latest graphics driver for your processor, we just released a new driver for Intel® HD graphics 530, which is the one on your Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor, could you please try to install it:
          Did you try to reinstall Windows® from scratch?
          We do have a tool to test the processor, it does an overall test on it:
          Once the test is done, look for the option that says file, then view file report, and please copy paste that report on this thread, so we can see those results.

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            Given the text of the error message, your board's UEFI/BIOS (firmware) has disabled "Performance Power Management Features", that is being flagged on one of your CPU's core's threads (7).


            Skylake and other Intel processors have many processor parameters that are monitored for various reasons. Some of them can activate performance limiting features.


            Your board's UEFI seems to have disabled one or more of the performance limiting features. That is not unusual for a board that is meant for over clocking a CPU.


            Calling this situation an "error" can be considered a judgement call. This Windows Event Log entry has been classified an error by Microsoft, and I imagine Intel would agree. There are several options in the UEFI/BIOS of board's designed for over clocking that enable the user to break the usual rules that Intel uses to prevent a processor from being damaged. Being able to disable Thermal Throttling is an example of this type of option, and is very common. That may be all this Event Log entry is about.


            My Skylake mother board's UEFI has an option called Reliability Stress Restrictor, that can be disabled. Your board may have a similar option that is disabled by default, or it is disabled behind the scene in your UEFI, meaning you have no control over it. I won't get into all the things (20) being monitored.


            My point is, just because Windows classifies something as an error, does not mean it is something to worry about, IF you are aware and understand the situation that caused this entry to be created. "Fixing" this error may involve enabling thermal throttling, for example. You won't get these entries in the Event Log, instead your CPU's speed will be throttled. You may be able to stop the throttling by improving your cooling, or increasing the limit of the power available to your processor, which may be another cause of this entry.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Parsec, thank you very much for your comments above.
              Justin, I hope the feedback on this threat was useful for you.
              Please let me know if you need further assistance.