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    How to force (enable/disable) "Triple Buffering" in HD Graphics 2500 ? +


      How to force/enable/disable "Triple Buffering" in HD Graphics 2500 ?

      (And probably in all others that come with HD Graphics Control Panel).


      Older models came with a proper control panel (Graphics and Media Control Panel, Graphics Media Accelerator Driver).

      But new HD Graphics Control Panel is ultra basic and has almost no options as I see!..


      When the graphics was not that good, the control panel was good and pro.

      Now graphics are pro, but the control panel is noob... childish!


      Article in the below link, it shows how to change settings. But they are not there in HD Graphics Control Panel.

      How to Access OpenGL* and DirectX* 3D Graphic Settings


      Is there any way to access advanced settings?


      Thank you!