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    Toolbox TRIM failure – Win7 Pro x64


      Does anyone have absolutely any idea as to why the TRIM function in the latest Toolbox refuses to work?

      I’m using the MSM drivers (ICH10R, IDE mode) so don’t expect TRIM to work automatically but it keeps failing when I try to use the Toolbox (the firmware has been updated to the latest one).


      Other than say “Failure” or “Cannot create file on disk” (or words to that effect) it does nothing of use - it creates a ~3GB file on C:\ but that’s about it.


      I’ve tried running it with UAC turned off and it does exactly the same thing.


      In terms of hardware, it’s a single X25-M 80GB G2 running off port 0 on a Gigabye EP45-UD3P.

      I’m open to most suggestions.