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    Cannot build demo project on Galileo Gen 2


      Hello, everyone.


      I am doing a project of testing FreeRTOS on board Galileo Gen 2. I have encountered an annoying problem when I tried to build the simple demo project of blinking a LED. Here is the context:

      • IDE: Intel System Studio IoT Edition
      • File location: FreeRTOSv9.0.0\FreeRTOS\Demo\IA32_flat_GCC_Galileo_Gen_2\Support_Files\startup.S (It's a file written in assembly language)
      • compiler: MinGW GCC
      • section of code where problem appeares:

                  gdt: .space (GDT_BYTES)

      • problem: when click project->build all to build it up, it gives this message which is assigned to the code above:

                          .space specifies non-absolute value


      Please help, thanks a lot.




      The complete code is here:


      /*    This file is part of the FreeRTOS distributions

          1 tab == 4 spaces!



      /* Set to 1 to enable functionality */

      #define __SHOW_KERNEL_PARAMS__ 0



      /* Local definitions boot loader */

      #define MULTIBOOT_SIGNATURE 0x2BADB002

      #define MULTIBOOT_BOOTINFO_MMAP 0x00000040



      /* Local definitions for GD table */

      #define GDT_ENTRIES 8

      #define GDT_ENTRY_SIZE 8



        /* Globals and externs */

        .global _mboot_hdr

        .global _start

        .global _restart


        .extern bootsign

        .extern bootinfo


        .extern __text_start

        .extern __text_end

        .extern __data_vma

        .extern __data_lma

        .extern __data_start

        .extern __data_end

        .extern __bss_start

        .extern __bss_end

        .extern __stack_for_main


        .global __text_start

        .global __text_end

        .global __data_vma

        .global __data_lma

        .global __data_start

        .global __data_end

        .global __bss_start

        .global __bss_end


        .extern setsegs

        .extern CRT_Init

        .extern kernel_load_check

        .extern main


        /* Local constants for multiboot section */

        .set ALIGN,     1<<0             /* align loaded modules on page boundaries */

        .set MEMINFO,   1<<1             /* provide memory map */

        .set MAGIC,     0x1BADB002       /* 'magic number' lets bootloader find the header */

        .set FLAGS, ALIGN|MEMINFO   /* this is the multiboot 'flag' field */

        .set CHECKSUM, -(MAGIC + FLAGS) /* checksum of above */


        /* Set-up GDT */

        .section .data

        .align 16

        .globl gdt

        gdt: .space (GDT_BYTES)               //this is where the problem generates

        gdtr: .word (GDT_BYTES-1) /* sizeof _gdt -1 (in bytes) */

        .long gdt /* global pointer to the gdt */


        /* Start of application text */

        .section .text.entry


        /* Skip mb header */

        jmp _start

        .align 4

        /* Multiboot header */


        .long MAGIC /* offset = 0 */

        .long FLAGS /* offset = 4 */

        .long CHECKSUM /* offset = 8 */

        .long _mboot_hdr /* should be header address - offset = 12 */

        .long __text_start /* load address (start of text) - offset = 16 */

        .long __bss_start /* load end address (end of data) - offset = 20*/

        .long __bss_end /* bss end address - offset = 24*/

        .long _start /* entry_addr - offset = 28*/


        /* Start of executable code */



          /* Store boot arguments */

        movl %eax, bootsign

        movl %ebx, bootinfo


          /* Check to see if kernel is bootstrapped by grub */

        cmpl $MULTIBOOT_SIGNATURE, %eax

        jne _local_loop

        testb $MULTIBOOT_BOOTINFO_MMAP, (%ebx)

        je _local_loop




        /* Initialise the stack pointer */

        movl $__stack_for_main, %esp


          /* Reset EFLAGS. */

          pushl $0



        /* Set up the global descriptor table */

        call setsegs

        lgdt gdtr

        ljmp $0x8, $gdt1 /* CS descriptor 1 */


        movl $0x10, %eax /* DS descriptor 2 */

        movw %ax, %ds

        movw %ax, %es

        movw %ax, %fs

        movw %ax, %gs

        movl $0x18, %eax /* SS descriptor 3 */

        movw %ax, %ss


          /* Clear interrupt flag */



          /* Initialise platform */

        call CRT_Init


          /* Show kernel parameters and call main, or just call main */

        #if (__SHOW_KERNEL_PARAMS__ == 1)


            On successful OS load EAX should contain 0x2BADB002

              EBX should contain the physical address of multiboot info structure


              Push the pointers to the multiboot information structure

              and the magic number on the stack and check values returned


           movl bootsign, %eax

        movl bootinfo, %ebx

           pushl   %ebx /* Multiboot information */

           pushl   %eax /* Magic number */

           call show_kernel_parameters



            Call main() routine


        call main



        /* Should not get here, but just in case - loop forever */




        jmp _local_loop






        /* halt */

        .globl halt


        jmp halt



        /* inb */

        .globl inb

        inb: movl 4(%esp), %edx

        xorl %eax, %eax # clr eax

        inb %dx, %al



        /* inw */

        .globl inw

        inw: movl 4(%esp), %edx

        xorl %eax, %eax # clr eax

        inw %dx, %ax




        /* inl */

        .globl  inl

        inl: movl 4(%esp), %edx

        xorl %eax, %eax

        inl %dx, %eax



        /* outb */

        .globl outb

        outb: movl 4(%esp), %edx

        movl 8(%esp), %eax

        outb %al, %dx



        /* outw */

        .globl outw

        outw: movl 4(%esp), %edx

        movl 8(%esp), %eax

        outw %ax, %dx



        /* outl */

        .globl outl

        outl: movl 4(%esp), %edx

        movl 8(%esp), %eax

        outl %eax, %dx