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    Why Wireless AC 7260 Transmits in 20MHz Bandwidth?


      Hello all,


      I'm  using Intel AC 7260 (built in my Toshiba laptop) connecting to an 1x1 AC access point.


      When I try to test uplink throughput from 7260 to the AP in 5G channel, it goes well in the beginning with throughput around 80~90Mbps.


      But after 1 or 2 minutes, the throughput drops to 40Mbps because 7260 starts to transmit in 20MHz bandwidth (from 80MHz to 20MHz),


      and it just got stuck in  20MHz and never switch back to 80MHz.


      Why would 7260 transmit in 20MHz? and can I turn this function off?. The driver is 18.33.02 2016/01/28.