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    Tons of blue screens on new built computer (board DP55WG)


      Hey everyone I recently built a computer with the intel i7 860 processor motherboard DP55WG 8 gb ddr3 ram gts250 graphics card 1tb hard drive and all that good stuff. I purchased windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) and have had nothing but trouble with blue screens since building. My brothers friend is a computer technician so I highly doubt he messed up with any wiring on the computer itself. So basically every morning I turn on my computer 99% of the time a blue screen pops up and I feel like every time some sort of new error comes up. And then its weird because after 3 or 4 blue screens my computer will run normal (like it is now) and then suddenly out of the blue (what a bad pum:P) a blue screen will hit when I am doing the randomest things like downloading itunes or going on facebook.


      Yesterday I got an error "STOP 0x000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"


      and also "SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTRION Bugcheck: 0x00000003b (0x0000000c0000005, 0xffff80002dbd11b, 0xffffff88002288020, 0x0000000000)


      I tried restoring my computer back to a previous state and even reformatting the portions on my hard drive and I am honestly stuck. Does anyone have any idea to what I should do or how I can fix this? I installed all the latest drivers on intels site for my motherboard. One of the blue screens also said something about removing any virus software I use norton 360 and utilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      The above post was from a week ago but the blue screens are continuing to occur. I ran memtest86 and my RAM passed with flying colors so it cannot be that issue. What really is odd is that anytime I try to plug in an external hard drive or usb to the front or back of my new pc (SopranoRS case) nothing happens at all. (not even a "device cannot be found" on the lower right bottom of my screen.) I did some research and I was told to update my chipset so I redownloaded it and sure enough the blue screens poured in to the point where I had to restore my computer back to a previous state. Some of the errors included 0x000007E and 0x0000019 (give or take a few 0's) Do you think I am going to have to replace the board I am under warranty I just desperatly want to know what is wrong with this. Any help would greatly be appreciated!


      Thank you