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    High temps on water-cooled i7 5820k


      I've had my 5820k for a year now and I've always felt it ran too hot.
      With C-states enabled it clocks down to about 1.5GHz and 0.75V at idle and the temps never go below 35ºC.
      While running Prime95, it goes up to about 75ºC on stock settings, and overclocked to 4.2GHz at 1.25V it goes past 100ºC.
      I've tried air coolers and I got the same results, never dipping below 35+ºC at idle and passing 95ºC under load without overclocking.

      I'ts being cooled by a Fractal Desing Kelvin S36. That's an AIO water cooler with a 360mm radiator and a powerful pump that can handle even 4 GPU blocks and a couple more 360mm radiators.
      I've run the Processor Diagnostic Tool and it passed all the tests.


      Is there something I can do? Is this normal or did the silicon lottery give me the processor with the worst thermals?