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    No video output on 1st boot




      I just got the Intel NUC and I have supported Memory along with supported storage.

      The NUC does power on but there are no LED indicators by the power button, only on the side by the SD card slot.

      But my main issue is that I have no video output.  I'm connected through the DVI cable to a normal IPS LED LG monitor.

      I've left it running for around 30min and I've tried different monitors and cable, I've also tried an HDMI cable but the issue remains.

      I have no clue whether it is actually trying to boot or anything.  I've removed the memory and storage a couple of times with no success.


      My model is: NUC5PPYH

      Memory: Kingston 8GB DDR3L 1600Mhz KVR16LS11/8

      Storage: Kingston 120GB SSDNow V300 SV300S37A/120G


      Both the storage and memory are supported.


      Kind Regards