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    Lenovo U310 IRST on Windows 10 Crash


      First - I'm here to shared my 2 day time spend on my Lenovo U310 to try to make iRST work and learn this technology from flash install Windows 10.

      Unfortunately I can't make this work but is a good learning process for service those laptop down the road.


      Laptop - Lenovo U310 i3 CPU, 4Gb Memory, 500Gb 5400rpm Hdd, 24Gb SSD.

      Goal - Install Windows 10 from scratch and using 24Gb SSD as a cache to improve performance.


      BIOS - SATA mode is RAID, all partition on both 500Gb and 24Gb are erase.

      iRST - Download from Intel for both 14.8 and 14.0 and Lenovo Windows 8.1 web download version.


      Tried - At least 6-7 time install Windows 10 from scratch.


      After install Windows 10 and reboot.

      Install INF and reboot. (Latest version.)

      Install IRST and reboot. (Tried all three version.)

      Create Intel Acceleration and shutdown.

      Windows boot up within 10 second and confirm iRST work.

      Shutdown 1-3 time without any problem.

      Reboot - Once reboot, Windows 10 keep "diagnostics" - "Fix" loop.

      For some reason restart Windows causing this issue.

      (I was create restore point from Windows and restored but still keep crash.)

      The only way to fix it is to flash install Windows again AND clean the SSD partition.

      I tried install IMEI and Rapid Start, without any help.


      Workaround - Install ExpressCache in AHCI and work prefect. (Confirm the SSD is in working condition.)

      Also, SSD drive price are pretty affordable now and iRST will be less attractive.

      Hope this will give someone clue if they facing the same issue.

      Good luck.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Bkoyip,
          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.
          I understand that the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology crashes, but I still don’t know how does it crash?
          Do you get any error when crashes? Could you please POST a picture when it crashes?

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            Hi Ivan,

            Unfortunately, no error messages, again the flows is - flash install Windows 10, install iRST, enable accelerations, after enable acceleration, as long as not "Restart" Windows, "shutdown" will not cause the crash. (I can shutdown the Windows 3 time without any issue.)

            But once "Restart" Windows, Windows will "shutdown" normal and Lenovo logo back on and immediately will show "Diagnostic"... "Fixing"... and then option like "Shutdown" "Advance troubleshooting"...  system is done.

            At this stage, nothing I can do, make it worst, flash install Windows (Clean all partition on 500Gb) will not work until clean all partition on SSD under AHCI and install Windows ONE more time. This is the last clue I can shared - which means something wrong in the boot sector from SSD - link to iRST Raid causing is error. But again the SSD is not defective.

            Also restore Windows (restore point create before enable acceleration.) is not work, which means the error layer is very close the boot sector.

            Sorry Ivan, I will not going further diagnostics on this, I just want to shared my case for others to shorten their diagnostic time if they saw this happen.

            Good luck.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Thank you Bkoyip for the information provided, so just to be clear you will not need any further troubleshooting with this or you still need some help?

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                Correct, no further troubleshooting require, case close.