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    I don't get IP in my wired interface




      I have the Intel NUC5i5RYH with Ubuntu 14.04 and kernel 3.19.061. The WLAN interface works correctly but the wired interface (in my case eth0) does not work properly. It is up and everything looks fine but I almost never get an IP from the router. Even if I force the NUC to send DHCP requests to the router, it does not get any answer. I write "almost never" because 1 out of 10 times I boot the NUC, it gets an IP from the router. If I try the same with my laptop, either with Ubuntu or WIndows, it works, so it must be something of the NUC.


      I downloaded the following driver : Download Intel® Network Adapter Driver for PCI-E* Gigabit Network Connections under Linux*  but it still does not work. Now when I do modinfo e1000e, I get 3.3.4 so I guess my driver is the latest one. Have you noticed anything similar? Any potential solution?