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    No HDMI Output after Suspend or Reboot


      I have a problem with only the HDMI port. I run a dual-monitor setup and the mini-display port does not have any issues. When I boot the NUC, it will not wake the hdmi monitor. The graphics driver only sees the monitor on the display port. Powering the restarting the monitor or rebooting the NUC does not fix the issue. The only fix I have found is to power the NUC down and remove the power cable for a few seconds. When I plug the power cable back in and boot the NUC back up the hdmi monitor wakes and everything is normal until I either power down or Windows goes into sleep mode. Then the same symptoms occur: no hdmi. I'm using a high-speed hdmi 2.0 cable.  I have updated the BIOS and graphics driver to the following:


      Model: BOXNUC6i5SYK

      Serial Number: G6SY611000EL

      Bios Version: SYSLi35.86A.0044

      Intel HD Graphics Driver:

      Windows 10 Pro: Version: 1511   Build: 10586.420


      Anything you can suggest to help would be appreciated.