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    non system disk or disk error when attempting to boot to floppy


      attempting to update bios and getting non system disk or disk error when booting to floppy. Please any help out there at all.

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          Can you boot a different machine with that floppy?  Which board and BIOS are you using, and how did you make the floppy bootable?

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            Thanks dan but I was able to figure out that gateway techs are not very up to date on older systems. I could not even get the serial number by them because my system is from 2002. They ketp saying I needed a 13 or 22 digit serial # which gateway did not go to until 2004. prior to 2004 gateway had ten digit serial#s.

            anyway back to the issue at hand. The gateway. com instructions for my intel lexington 3 motherboard (system model 700xl pent 4 2.53) not to format a disk from my system with xp because it would not work. the instructions say to use preformated ibm disk. that was the problem. So what I did that worked was. I formated a boot disk with my system. then deleted all the dos files( every files shown) them copied and pasted the downloaded update that gateway matched with my board. the system then booted to the floppy and I was able to update my bios and install a wd 500gb hard drive to replace my seagate 18g ohh yeah!  thank you for you help and be good

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              Hello -


              I'm glad I found your posts - I'm in a situation unlike any I've had before!  I too have a Gateway 700XL and have upgraded it right along since purchase in 2002.  Recently my OEM and a slave HD both died and I have purchased a pair of Western Digital Blue 500G SATA HDs with a StarTech 4-port controller.  I had to use an older controller card in the system for my slave HD because it was 250G and the system only saw 137G.  I thought everything would be fine until I installed the two new HDs with the new controller - now I have major problems.


              I am booting but it's passing by the BIOS which are MV85010A.15A.0049.P07.  I have been searching the net all night for an update to the BIOS I have and did find one ending in .P15 on the Gateway site.  I'm afraid to try it with all these new parts in the system and was hoping for something newer that these HDs and controller card would work with.


              I spoke with StarTech and they are convinced my BIOS are too old for their controller.  My last resort would be to flash the BIOS and hope that these new drives and controller work.  I was planning to set up a RAID 0 stripped Array in the system but can't get the system to recognize the system BIOS.  The controller card has its own BIOS but the system isn't "seeing" the card or the HDs.


              Can anyone provide a newer BIOS file for this system and also any input on what is going on with this system?  I'm not 100% sure what motherboard I have but after searching every possible one it is either the Gateway part numbers;  2516017, 2517127, or 2517638.  Of course I can't find the part # on the board and don't want to flash it until I'm sure what I have.


              It's a P4, 2.53G system, 2Gigs Rambus memory (I upgraded from the OEM 1Gig) and I've changed the video and sound cards as well.  System cost me $6,000 in 2002 and I'm determined to upgrade it - with help!


              Thanks so much for any input you can provide.  I also have taken note of your floppy disk issue and will keep that in mind providing I can find the right BIOS update.