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    cpu heatsink fan ramp up weird


      installed a new motherboard cpu for the parents , i3 6300 -stock heat sink- B150-HD3P gigabyte , but the ramping of the cpu heatsink fan is weird.




      I found some older post on intel/tomhardware forum stating it is normal but no work around , or that old that the links don't work anymore.


      Link down :



      The Start up is normal. Please see above URL for more information on this.



      Tomhardware old answer

      [QUOTE]It's just an issue with a certain model of the intel stock fan. I work at an IT distributor which assembles PCs and we have this kind of issue a lot. We have identified at least 3 different models of Intel stock fans and one of them exhibits this behaviour.


      We narrowed it down to that particular fan needing more voltage to start spinning. If you had your case open you would see that the fan tries to spin up 2 times before going full speed. I assume that it will need 10V+ to start spinning, and I would guess that the board sends 5V, then 7V and lastly 12V, putting it on full speed.

      No need to worry though, your system is fine and everything is in check. If you do not like the "startup acoustics" though you could always install a cheap aftermarket heatsink.



      I did ran the Intel diagnostic tool successfully and the cpuz stress bench din't go higher than 58C after running it for a couple of minutes.

      So i guess it is normal but any solution I could look into to not have this kind of behaviour?



      UPDATE Soulieke2 as new account.


      Changed account because of technical account issues.





      UPDATE 2 :


      Received and installed new heat sink received from Intel , better cooling during stress test , normal ramp up and more logical behaviour.

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          Do you know if this motherboard has some configuration in the bios where you can configure the heatsink? You might need to contact Gigabyte to get help about bios configuration.

          If this is the heatsink that came with this processor, you can try getting a replacement for the unit at the following link:

          Best wishes,


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            1)The bios has silent-normal-fullspeed-custom bios options but those are for after BIOS post , does not change booting up behaviour. Default normal , tryed the other settings but has no effect on the ramp up.

            2)It is the heatsink that came with the retail 6300 boxed.


            3)So it is not normal behaviour ?

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              IMO, it is not normal behavior. Mother board manufactures are very careful about the fan speed control for the fan header on a board used for the CPU cooler. They want to be sure that the CPU cooler's fan will be spinning with any of the built in fan speed options, and the custom profiles created by the user. They do not want to be responsible for problems caused by a processor over heating that can be blamed on their fan speed control.


              Many boards will initially provide a higher voltage to the fan headers to insure the fans spin up, and then apply the user selected or defined fan speed profile. Most UEFI/BIOS fan speed control has a minimum setting that is not zero, to prevent fans from being shut off or failing to start due to lack of applied voltage. Some boards will display a warning when the PC starts if the CPU cooler's fan is below a certain RPM, or not running.


              When a PC is on, there is no situation where the CPU cooler's fan should not be spinning, unless the owner has specifically interfered with the standard operation of that fan. It is possible that the board's fan speed control has a problem and is not working as it should, but that is very unusual.


              Would you check something for me about the CPU cooler in your video? I am researching a situation that is similar if not identical to yours. I cannot read the label on the fan because of glare from the light you used. Can you read what is printed on the blue label on the fan, below the Intel logo. There should be the name of the manufacture, some electrical specifications, and possibly a model number. That is the information I am interested in. I would highly appreciate it if you could post that information, thank you!

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                A picture for you here.


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                  Soulieke, thanks for the picture, it is perfect, exactly what I wanted.


                  I did not want to say anything before I saw the source of the fan/CPU cooler. I'll tell you now that the fan/CPU cooler in your picture is the same one that is not working correctly when used on a different manufacture's mother board (not Gigabyte.)


                  This NIDEC fan is the one that seems to not work correctly with the fan speed control for the CPU Fan header on several Skylake chipset mother boards made by the manufacture I am associated with. Now we seem to have information that you experience the same thing on your Gigabyte B150 (Skylake) mother board.


                  This is how this fan behaves when used on the other manufacture's Skylake mother boards, when the user creates a custom CPU fan speed vs temperature profile:

                  This fan will not begin spinning until the PWM signal percentage is set to 50%, regardless of the CPU temperature selected. That is, zero RPM for any PWM setting below 50%. I realize the "50%" setting may be arbitrary, and may not be sending a PWM signal that matches the fan's own 50% PWM signal/RPM curve. Regardless, this behavior is not what I've experienced with any previous Intel stock CPU cooler. Their fans could run at a much lower speed than 2,000 RPM.

                  At the 50% level, or slightly above, this fan spins up and stays at a speed of ~2000RPM. Higher PWM signal levels (ie, 60%, 70%, etc) in the fan speed profile do not translate into smoothly increasing fan speeds. The maximum fan speed is ~2,300 RPM.


                  A suggestion for you. If you or someone you know has an older Intel processor, that is used in a socket 1150 or 1155 board, the stock Intel coolers with those processors will fit perfectly in a Skylake socket 1151 board. If you have one of those coolers available, replace the one you have now with the older CPU cooler. It will be able to cool your CPU fine. The point of doing this is to see if the fan on the older Intel stock CPU cooler works with your board's fan speed control.


                  If it does, that tends to indicate the fan on your Skylake CPU cooler is the issue, and not the mother board.

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                    Not really sure what to conclude from this, I mean the fan does the job and clearly not optimal designed for the Skylake platform , but does this warrant a RMA or the bother of installing a other heat sink for a desktop that will be used by the parents as a browser and light Office work. Because I am assuming no harm will be done to the system , maybe the fan might wear out quicker?


                    PS thx for the info

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                      Leaving behind all the technical details (if I can), IMO and of others that are familiar with how these fans should operate, it is not working 100% correctly.


                      Apparently in your case the fan will spin up and run continuously (correct?) to keep the CPU at a safe temperature. If the noise level of the fan does not bother you or your parents, and the PC is not having any problems, then you can ignore the fan's behavior and forget about it.


                      I don't understand your comment about the fan, "... clearly not optimal designed for the Skylake platform...". The fan does not operate in the same manner that all previous fans on stock Intel CPU coolers do. IF that is a design difference, which I highly doubt, Intel needs to communicate that to PC builders. IMO, the fan is partially defective; it spins and moves air, but its PWM speed control does not work correctly. This is isolated to the particular model of fan in your picture, as far as I know. All of the CPU coolers supplied with Skylake processors do not have this problem


                      Personally, if a fan I was using did not respond to the type of speed control it is designed to work with, I would replace it.

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                        Maby you can not hear it in the video but it ramps and then settles a little bit lower RPM.  Not sure if there is any tool I can use that keeps track of the fan speed but it sounds like it kinda stays the same.


                        UPDATE did a little stress test again , HWMonitor says it is spinning as 1050 RPM and up  1500RPM during the stress test but I can't hear anything different.

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                          Made new account , succesfully contacted intel true chat , they will send my new heatsink request to intel europe and contact me.

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                            Hello Soulieke2:
                            Excellent, it is great to hear you were able to create the new account.
                            And we are glad to hear that Intel® from Europe will further assist you.
                            Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again.