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    NUC6i7kyk - Unexpected Power Loss Count increases every shutdown/sleep


      Every time I shutdown or wake from sleep, the S.M.A.R.T. attribute Unexpected Power Loss Count increases by one. This happens even if I request a delayed shutdown in CMD with "shutdown /s /t 5".


      Using Crucial's MX200 500gb drive. Anyone else seeing this and if so, any idea how to fix it?



      The power loss count does not increase when I "Restart".


      Upon a cold boot or wake from sleep, the fan revs up instantly and slowly calms down. Does this indicate recovery of some sort? For example, is the SSD rebuilding its mapping table?


      *2nd edit*

      Turns out this is caused by Bitlocker's use of hardware-based encryption. Turning bitlocker off or disabling hardware encryption in group policy settings stops the power loss count from increasing.


      The fan still revs up on boot or waking from sleep. I guess that's normal.

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          When the Super I/O (SIO) device (which provides the fan speed control capability) is reset (and this occurs during all S5/S4/S3->S0 transitions), the hardware default is for the fan to run at 100% (full speed). If nothing slows the execution of the (POST-based) SIO initialization process, it supposed to occur fast enough that the fan never has a chance to get to a noticeable speed. If something slows the initialization process -- for example (but not saying that this is what is happening in your particular case), memory initialization requires retry(s) -- this will result in the fan having the opportunity to make it to a noticeable speed...