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    Troubleshooting I6700 K - Update Bios - Debug Code 19


      Hi all,


      My config, all material was new and buy on seller:

      Motherboard: ASROCK Z170 Extreme 7+

      Processor: INTEL I7 6700k

      Memory: Kingston Hyper X Fury - 4 x 4BG 2666Mhz _ 1.2 V

      PSU: Corsair 950W

      BIOS actualy work: 2.5


      Problem: I build my new computer, and I want tou upgrade the bios original  1.8 to the last 3.00.

                     Bios flashed with success!

      But  not wort, Dbug show me post  and do this cycle:

      computer start Dbug 00 to 67 - fan Cpu work

      Computer restart auto  - DBug 00 and stop (fan not work)

      computer restart auto  - D bug 00 to 19 fan works and stay at this  state.


      I flash Bios 2.00, 2.10 and  flash bios 2.50 pass!

      But when I flash bios 2.6 and the last 3.00  FAILL!


      I contact Asrock, they give me a bios chipset, I put in socket (do a correct clear CMOS (Power Off, push power to empty power, jumper bios remove battery,...) Same problems code 19

      I contact Kingston, the send me a RMA and a new package of 4 -4GB HYPER X - same problems 19 (I test lot of frequency), and alwways code 19...

      I always change battery CMOS,

      Flash with advanced storage mode on  IDE mode

      Change sticks on different socket of  motherboard,


      There s something disturbing, the last bios (3.00) work with 1, 2 and 3 Sticks!! but not with 4....

      Asrock say me, they test this configuration, and all is good for them

      Kingston Thats was the second Pack of ram


      Is there a compatiblity problem with CPU/Bios???

      Or problem of CPU series???


      Help pls