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    M.2 SSD disk 1


      The NCU6i3SYH shows the M.2 as Drive 1. Shouldn't this be Drive 0?  Anybody seen this?

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          This is normal and all NUCs, across the generations, have worked this way.


          SATA Lane 0 (Drive 0) is routed to the connector for an add-in HDD (or SSHD or extra SSD) and SATA Lane 1 (Drive 1) is routed to the PCIe M.2 connector for the SSD. I have never heard the actual reason for this; I speculate that it is because of the design of the SOC (the position of these interfaces on the SOC's pins). The only complication that this causes is that, if you do add a HDD (or SSHD or extra SSD), you need to ensure that the M.2 SSD is ahead of this device in the boot order...



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