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    Intel smart response is unavailable on i5- 6402P and H170 motherboard platform


      My PC is


      CPU:                  i5-6402P

      Motherboard:     ASROCK H170M-ITX/ac

      Hard Disk:          60GB SSD + 500GB HDD

      OS:                     Windows10 64bit




      I think all the requirements of Intel smart response is met:

      1. CPU and motherboard

      2. RAID mode is on in UEFI setting

      3. Intel RAID option ROM can be seen and is avaliable when boot up

      4. All drivers and intel SRT is installed correctly

      5. All the SSD disk space is unallocated



      But the acceleration option could never be shown in intel RST GUI, that's very strange because I've done the same thing in 2 different H87 motherboard and they all succeed.

      Since the ASROCK board is UEFI only, I tried to set Intel option ROM in both legacy and UEFI mode, all failed.



      I've got 2 thoughts:

      1. i5-6420P doesn't support SRT tech, is it?

      2. ASROCK's mother board hasn't develop to support SRT yet.



      Could any engineer from Intel or users in the same situation give me some advice? How about allan_intel? I noticed that you answerd some SRT topics.

      Thanks in advance!