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    Intel D945GTP 3.5mm Drivers for Windows 7


      A while ago I upgraded my desktop PC to Windows 7 from XP, and I couldn't seem to find any audio drivers that worked with my hardware and OS. It's been about 2 years since I upgraded and I've been using HDMI audio for the time being, but HDMI audio doesn't allow any input such as microphones. Do these drivers even exist? It'd be nice if they did otherwise is there a way I can jury-rig and older winXP 3.5mm driver to work on win7? Everything else about this board is working perfectly and has been for many years.

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          I found a driver that might work (download it here: Download Audio: IDT* 92xx Audio Driver). It is for a (newer) Intel board that utilizes the SigmaTel 9273 Codec (whereas your board utilizes the SigmaTel 9220 Codec). Unfortunately, there is no information available that will let me determine if this package retains support for your older Codec. You will simply have to try installing it and see if it will work (it should tell you if it doesn't).


          Hope this helps,


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            Nope, I tried installing that and it told be that my hardware doesn't support this package. I've tried nearly every driver that supports the D945GTP and it says my software is unsupported, and when I try driver specifically for win7 then it says my hardware isn't supported.

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              Well, it was worth a try.


              This board is over 10 years old, well beyond its expected lifetime (hell, well beyond the expected lifetime of even the solder that was used to piece it together). From a performance standpoint, a cheap (but current-generation) Atom processor will beat the snot out of the best processor that this board could support. As well, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to H/W compatibility issues.


              So, what to do? Well, you can keep it alive with a cheap PCI audio card (Amazon has a brand new one for US$4.99; I must have a half dozen or so in a box in my closet). You could resurrect as a backup machine using Linux. I recommend that you bite the dang bullet and replace it with something a whole lot newer.



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                I have another PC that I use for anything that uses more CPU so anything like flash or java programs, but I still use this desktop for anything GPU related, and actually this desktop still runs perfectly. I can play; CS:GO, LoL, DotA2, SC2, and many more on it still with very few issues somehow. I guess I can just continue to use HDMI audio and use my phone as a microphone for skype/discord/etc... it's just not optimal. The only thing to ever break in this desktop is the old 350W PSU and a 1GB RAM stick in slot 0, the HDD has nearly 4000 power on days and has no issues either. The only thing that isn't performing well at all is the CPU (Pentium D 960) which is constantly thermal limited, it never overheats, it just gets hot... like 120 Celsius @ 100% CPU usage in Summer, and 80 Celsius while idle. If I had the money for a whole new PC I would've upgraded by now, but even at this point I wanna keep this running as long as possible just to see how long it lasts, there's been a bulging capacitor on the motherboard for about 4 years now, but it has yet to let out the magic smoke.


                But thank you for trying to find drivers at least. I'll deal with all the other issues of this PC later.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hi Jebs,
                  I was looking for drivers to help you with this problem but I did not find any drivers for this motherboard and Windows 7, apparently there is not any available, all drivers available are mostly for Windows* XP.
                  I would recommend taking some suggestions provided by N. Scott Pearson above that can help you as well.
                  Best wishes,

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                    I got the same thing, Jeb.  Don't like people saying 'junk it'.  That's not the point, is it?  Thing works fine and is very useful.  I've got 8 computers and some are very old.  I'll keep them all, thank you, regardless of what new ones I might get.


                    I have the same problem.  Put win7 on the machine and it works fine but Premiere won't work with it.


                    Well it will, but not with recorded sound.  In fact I suspect nothing will.


                    If an audio card will do the job I'll get one.  Well you can even get usb audio things now.  I'll  be trying one of them.


                    I will put up my own question just in case but I guess we've got the answer: nothing from Intel.


                    (You'd think those guys could knock up a patch on a driver to suit us in half an hour or something, wouldn't you?)

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      The Intel® D945GTP motherboard does not support Windows® 7, so, there are no drivers for it, and some issues are expected if you were able to install it., it does support Windows® XP or Vista, as you can confrim on the following link:


                      Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Desktop Boards

                      Since the board is retired and discontinue, there is no option to patch on a driver to make it work, as you can confirm on this other link:


                      Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP

                      Due to the same reason, the information for this board is not that much at this point, so, as an option you can try to get an audio card, but there is no guarantee that it will work, there might be compatibility issues, and basically the best way to find if it is going to work properly will be by testing it on the actual PC.

                      Any questions, please let me know.