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    Need help with blue screens on my new built pc


      Hey everyone I recently built a computer with the intel i7 860 processor motherboard DP55WG 8 gb ddr3 ram gts250 graphics card 1tb hard drive and all that good stuff. I purchased windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) and have had nothing but trouble with blue screens since building. My brothers friend is a computer technician so I highly doubt he messed up with any wiring on the computer itself. So basically every morning I turn on my computer 99% of the time a blue screen pops up and I feel like every time some sort of new error comes up. And then its weird because after 3 or 4 blue screens my computer will run normal (like it is now) and then suddenly out of the blue (what a bad pum:P) a blue screen will hit when I am doing the randomest things like downloading itunes or going on facebook.


      Yesterday I got an error "STOP 0x000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"


      and then recently I got a "stop 0x00000024"


      and also "SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTRION Bugcheck: 0x00000003b (0x0000000c0000005, 0xffff80002dbd11b, 0xffffff88002288020, 0x0000000000)


      I tried restoring my computer back to a previous state and even reformatting the portions on my hard drive and I am honestly stuck. Does anyone have any idea to what I should do or how I can fix this? I installed all the latest drivers on intels site for my motherboard. One of the blue screens also said something about removing any virus software I use norton 360 and utilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      The above post was from a week ago but the blue screens are continuing to occur. I ran memtest86 and my RAM passed with flying colors so it cannot be that issue. What really is odd is that anytime I try to plug in an external hard drive or usb to the front or back of my new pc (SopranoRS case) nothing happens at all. (not even a "device cannot be found" on the lower right bottom of my screen.) I did some research and I was told to update my chipset so I redownloaded it and sure enough the blue screens poured in to the point where I had to restore my computer back to a previous state. Some of the errors included 0x000007E and 0x0000019 (give or take a few 0's) Do you think I am going to have to replace the board I am under warranty I just desperatly want to know what is wrong with this. Any help would greatly be appreciated!


      Thank you



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          Hi, tis a hard one.

          The only thing you can really do is start form scratch and by process of elimination try and figure out what is causing the errors.

          I would start with the OS. you have already tested 7 64bits, now try with another OS to see if the same issue occurs, but try it fresh, as in just the OS and a couple of programs, dont install everyhting, just somethign or other to test the syste with. If it does, then software is just bout out of the equation.

          Then you will need get the setup back to basics, 1 HDD 1 RAM module, nothign much else connected apart from what you really need. Then start testing, start with teh RAM, rtun it wiht one module in one slot, if it still happens try another slot and so on, then try another module in all slots etc. Then you will need to test all the other components HDD, PSU CPU and motherboard. tis the only way u need to test each component individually!

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            Although we have a different mobo and processor (DP55WB - I5 cpu) I get such an annoying blue screen problem. Try the timing and voltage setting of your ram in the bios.