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    newest edison kernel


      I'm new to edison (but dealing with linux for 20+ years).


      What's the most recent working edison kernel?


      Yocto ships with 3.10.17 -- I found a 3.10.98  on




      (but it didn't build cleanly -- I had to create symlinks:



          include/trace/mfd_trace.h -> ../../drivers/tty/serial/mfd_trace.h
        include/trace/sst_trace.h -> ../../sound/soc/intel/sst/sst_trace.h

      but I was able to get it working.


      There's a 3.19.5-WIP but I haven't been able to build it (and it doesn't seem to have a defconfig).

      There's a lot of blog postings about building 4.+ but nothing seems to work.