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    Windows 7 (64-bit) won't boot after installing Intel Matrix Storage Manager



      I'm building a new machine but I'm just not having fun with Intel MSM.

      It's a Gigabyte X58A-UD7 board, I7 Core 975 Extreme processor with 8gb Ram. I've an old 80GB sata II disk that I moved to the Marvell IDE controller (where the OS is), and a 3 disk Raid 5 running on the ICH10R raid controller.


      If I install from scratch (wipe the 80Gb Drive), then the Windows installation can see the Raid Drive without needing to install a driver. If I do try to install the Raid driver (Latest version from the web) then it hangs.


      So if I don't install the driver and allow the installation to proceed with the driver included in Windows then it's all good. The OS is healthy and Raid Disk is functional. The driver version included in the OS is iastorV.sys (


      If I install the latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver software (or the same software from the CD accompanying the motherboard) then upon reboot the system will hang. That version will install iastor.sys.


      The raid is degraded and should be repaired which can't be done without the above software.


      Please please help.