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    NUC6i3SYH loses sound when turning TV back on after long period.


      Recently purchased the NUC6i3SYH and running 64bit Windows 10. Connected via HDMI to my LG TV, and using it mostly as a HTPC.

      I leave the NUC on all the time, but when I turn the TV back on after a long period (overnight) - no sound comes out. Works fine if I reboot, just no sound after turning off the TV before going to bed, and then turning TV back on in the morning.

      Looking at the 'Playback Devices', The LG TV via the 2-Intel(R) Display Audio is still there, is the default device, and thinks it is working properly - just no sound. Unplugging HDMI cable and plugging back in does not fix it. Only a reboot restores the sound.

      Can anyone suggest any remedies?


      The Intel(R) Display Audio driver is Version dated 16/04/2016

      The Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 driver is Version dated 4/05/2016

      The bios is version 0044 .

      Although probably irrelevant the Realtek HIgh Definition Audio Driver version is dated 26/01/2016 for the front panel headphone jack.