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    Choosing Yocto or Ubilinux for my Project


      Hi everyone,

      I am very new to this and was wondering what distro would be best for my current situation. I am using an Intel Edison with Ubilinux currently installed. On my Edison I have an Apache2 server installed.


      In my current project I need the Intel Edison to act as the master and an Arduino Uno to act as a slave. The goal is to be able to choose what commands to send to the Arduino Uno via the webserver.

      Any and all help is appreciated. Please ask me any questions that you have. Also if you have any suggestions on how I should go about completing my project please leave them! The Edison and Arduino can either be connected via serial connection preferably but wifi/bluetooth is also an option.


      Current components that I have are: Intel Edison, Sparkfun Baseblock, Sparkfun Arduino block, Breadboard, Sparkfun ADC block, Sparkfun 9D0F block, and an Arduino Uno.