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    NUC6i5SYH Win 10, power profiles, audio & Cpu speed at idle


      Hello Community!

      So after two months of Nuc6i5syk, I have only one issue and I’d like to discuss it with you guys here, maybe I don’t know enough so…
      I have my nuc connect to my LG TV via hdmi cable. I run win 10 pro 24/7, setup up screen always on and Bios updated to 44 version.
      With balance mode on power setting with cpu max setting at 99%, Cpu at idle (10 – 13%) stays up to 1.8 Ghz. If i put maximum to 100 % it always run at turbo mode >2,5 Ghz
      Is it that normal? In idle mode how is your cpus?

      I can run CPU at minimum speed (around 400 – 800 Mhz) at idle only with low power mode on.
      But with this profile when I turn on tv I always found no audio and I have to reboot or disable/enable audio device to make audio hdmi works again.
      I read all the threads into Intel forum, I installed beta graphic driver, but the issue persist.

      I tried to change some advance settings into the low power mode without any luck.

      So if I put low power profile to reduce cpu speed and consumption, I have to fight with audio issues when I turn on tv.
      I tried different hdmi port into my TV, and also some program founded around like kdmiyo to restore hdmi connection, but this doesn’t always work.

      Bios energy profiles seems have no influence under windows, so I don’t know to resolve something into bios settings.

      Anyway, please share you experience and thoughts too, thanks