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    NUC6i7KYK:  How to change USB xHCI settings?


      Hello all, good morning.

      My company acquired an Intel NUC Skull Canyon to allow me conduct demonstrations for a solution that we sell. I installed VMware ESX 6.0i Update 2 as the host OS, and I am running five virtual machines on it almost perfectly.

      My main issue is related to USB ports. VMware ESX does not recognize them as USB 3.0, but as USB 2.0. To ESX recognize them as USB 3.0 ports, a change at UEFI BIOS is needed. Basically I need to change USB xHCi mode settings from Smart Auto to Enabled.

      The issue is I did not find that configuration on this specific NUC model, but it exist on another NUC models. Could someone help me to figure out if teher is any kind of secret configuration or an workaround for that?

      Thanks a lot!