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    DH77KC update failed and bios is broken


      dear admin,

      i have try update my bios with latest update, and that is failed (update under window)

      now my cpu cannot turn on..

      I have tried several ways taught in forum, and nothing happen

      what should i do,, please help ...

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          These are some things to attempt:


          A. Reset the CMOS:


          1. Power off computer and unplug from wall.
          2. Remove CR2032 battery from board.
          3. Wait a full 15 minutes.
          4. Reinstall battery onto board.
          5. Power back on.


              If this works, you will need to enter BIOS Setup and set the date and time.


          B. Reinstall the latest BIOS using the recovery method.


          1. Copy the .BIO file onto a freshly-formatted (FAT32) USB flash stick. Use USB 2.0 flash stick (do not use USB 3.0 flash stick!).
          2. With system powered off, remove yellow jumper from the BIOS Configuration jumper block.
          3. Plug the USB flash stick into a black USB 2.0 port on the back panel of the board (do not use blue USB 3.0 ports and do not use front panel USB ports!).
          4. Power on system.
          5. If this works, you should see the progress of the update on your display. It will tell you when it is done.
          6. Power off system.
          7. Restore yellow jumper to pins 1-2 of the BIOS Configuration jumper block.
          8. Power on system
          9. Use F2 to enter BIOS setup.
          10. Use F9 to restore BIOS configuration to defaults.
          11. Make any changes (boot order, etc.) necessary for your hardware configuration.
          12. Exit BIOS Setup saving the configuration.


          Hope this helps,


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            Thx for ur reply again sir... this my real situation, few days ago i try update my board under window 7, and then after reboot my board just die, now if i push that power button the proc fun just spin once and die and then spin again and die again, just like that, i think that update just killed my bios ic.. My question if i change that ic bios with the new one, can i flash that bios using the steps u give me? thx a lot for ur help mr n.scott pearson

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              If you used the image from someone else's flash IC, installing BIOS updates afterwards is not going to update these fields; you will continue to run on their Serial Number and MAC address (amongst other things).


              Have you tried the procedures I detailed above? If your attempts were prior to me posting these procedures, try them again.



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                i had try it before, but i will try it again.

                i will tell u the result.

                thx for ur help mr. N.Scott.Pearson

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                  hi N.Scott.Pearson, i have try the procesures you gived, but its same thing happen, my board just turn on for a second and off again.

                  you have the other way again? thx for ur help

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                    If neither of these processes work, I don't really have anything further to suggest. You may have bricked it completely.


                    If the board is less than 3 years old and you are the original owner, Intel will replace it. Contact Intel Customer Support if this is the case. For information regarding how to contact Intel Customer Support, refer to this web page: Contact Support. If you are not in North America, click on the world symbol near the bottom of the page. It will start a dialog that allows you to specify your region and country and get a local contact number...