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    NUC6i5 will not post


      My NUC have been functioning fine for serveral months. Then suddenly it just stopped posting.

      TeamViewer & steam is installed on the machine, an niether of these starts up, so I'm pretty sure windowsn doesn't boot at that it isn't "just" HDMI that isn't functioning.

      I do not have any displayport devices lying around that I can use to test the displayport output with.


      I tried what worked for me last time my NUC wouldn't boot: NUC6i5SYK wont boot

      I tried bleeding the unit for power as suggested her: Re: NUC6i5 will not power on

      I tried BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC, no post under the proceedure. After 15 minutes I forced it to shut down. no luck here either


      I don't know what to do ATM. It can't be right that I should report this one dead too :/