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    NUC5PPYH Ubuntu DHCP wrong domain


      I try to setup Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my new NUC5PPYH. Booting from the HDD or from a USB stick ("Try Ubuntu"), the WLAN adapter sees networks around.


      When I connect to my SSID, it will ask for its Password and then claim that it is connected. However instead of obtaining a 192.168.1.xxx address, it obtains a 192.168.0.xxx address. Consequently, there is no internet connection. It cannot even ping its route, assuming it does not exist.


      The same behaviour happens with the Ethernet adaptor and DHCP.


      The router happily issues IP addresses and correct network details (route, DNS server) to my MacBook Pro, my Windows 7 laptop, Android phone and iPad. So, I assume, it is not a problem with the router.


      Any suggestions? - Thanks.