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    HyperX Fury 8gb Hx318c10fb/8 running on Intel DP67BG up to 32gb


      Hi everyone

      I want to update my system up to 32gb RAM (4x8gb), my motherboard is an Intel DP67BG, theoreticatly it supports:


      • Four 240-pin Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets with gold-plated contacts arranged in two channels

      • 2133 MHz to 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM Memory Modules
      • Support for single- and dual-channel memory interleaving
      • Unbuffered, non-registered single- or double-sided DIMMs with a voltage rating of 1.65 V or less.
      • Non-ECC DDR3 memory
      • Serial Presence Detect (SPD) memory only
      • Up to 32 GB maximum total system memory using 8 GB DIMMs


      I was told that the Kingston HyperX Fury 8gb DDR3 1866Mhz 240-pin (model no. Hx318c10fb/8) is compatible with the DP67BG, but i can't check it anywhere.


      Can you tell me if these are compatible and work well with 32gb RAM (4x8gb)? I want to check that the HyperX model I mentioned is Non-ECC and is in fact a SPD memory.


      Thanks in advance.