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    TSOP38238: Is there library support for Infrared Sensor and Intel Edison


      My hardware:


          Intel Edison

          IR (Infrared) Receiver Sensor - TSOP38238 (AdaFruit product id: 157)


      I've been working through the tutorial:




      I downloaded the sample code from:




      When I compile rawirdecode the first compiler error is:


          rawirdecode:20: error: 'PIND' was not declared in this scope

          #define IRpin_PIN      PIND


      I then searched for a library with "IR" in it's name, found "Robot IR Remote" and included it.


      It added these includes:

          #include <IRremote.h>

          #include <IRremoteInt.h>

          #include <IRremoteTools.h>


      When I compile with the new includes I get this warning:


          WARNING: library RobotIRremote claims to run on [avr] architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on [i686] architecture(s).


      And the same "PIND" not declared error.


      I then searched the internet for Intel Edison, infrared and TSOP38238 and didn't find anything that seemed useful.


      I started asking about this at the AdaFruit forum which referred me to the Arduino forum and they referred me to Intel.


      Question: Is there a library that supports TSOP38238 on Edison?


      Question: Is Edison incapable for working with Infrared sensors?


      Question: Or, if it is, do I have to write my own library