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    People who use Intel Dual Band N-7260  deserve an apology at least


      The title says enough I think, but still I will explain a bit more. So about a year ago I bought my ASUS ROG G551jm equipped with this network adapter Intel Dual Band N 7260 and because it is a gaming laptop I play games on it, some of which are online games and I use Wi Fi because it is a laptop after all. Anyway I had lag spikes, connection drops and every other issue possible that every single customer, who is using this adapter is experiencing. At first I was okay I will try and fix it - uninstalled and installed back driver, changed the router , the operating system and nothing worked , then I thought I would wait for a fix - didnt happen, then I decided to google a solution - nothing helped , and at last I decided to contact support - no help there either , the guy did his best to help me but the adapter is just crappy and Intel wouldn't admit it. So I decided to renew this long forgotten topic and ask for a solution or at least an apology from intel for this faulty ( mildly said , but I dont want to use offensive language ) network  adapter.